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Main technical data

Technical parameters of Anaesthetic Workstation
O2 supply range:
Rated working pressure: 0.4Mpa, allowable range: (0.27~0.55)
Mpa, from central supply or gas cylinder.
Adjusting range of flow: O2: (0.1~10) L/min, N2O: (0.1~10) L/min
Breathing circuit: Working mode: closed, semi-closed (1~4) kpa, semi-opened;
The resistances of inspiration and expiration are all not more than 0.6kpa; CO2 absorb cylinder: 2 pieces,
can load with 1600g Na2CO3 at one time.
Concentration: 0~5vol% Temperature: (15~35) 0 Flow: (0.25~15) L/min
With flow, temperature and pressure compensated automatically, and can select Enflurane or Isoflurane according
to users' needs
Alarm for O2 supply failure and N2O automatic cut-off device:
Audible alarm will be given for at least 7 seconds when O2 supply pressure drops below 0.2Mpa; gas cut-off
device makes the flow of N2O stop before that of O2 when O2 supply pressure is lower than alarm pressure
and is still falling.

Technical parameters of Anaesthetic Ventilator
Tidal volume: (50~1500) mL
Frequency: (6~60) times/min
I: E: 1:1~1:4.
Inspiratory flow: (0.1~1.0) L/s
Airway pressure: (-2~10) Kpa
Upper limit pressure (include limit) : (1~6) Kpa
Lower limit pressure: (0.4~4) kpa, the alarm will be given for 4s~15s when it drops below the setting value
of lower limit.
Bellows: Adult :(300~1500) mL; Child:(50~300) mL
Brand Name
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Warranty Coverage
one year fo rmachine,6 months for accessories