Sell Animal/Vegetable Oleic Acid

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[Chemical Formula]: CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOH

Chemical Name, Acid Value mg/g, Saponification Value mg/gv, Iodine Value g/100g, Titer0, Color APHA, Moisture%

Oleic acid Y-4, 190-203, 190-205, 80-95, <4.0, <400, <0.50
Oleic acid Y-4, distilled, 190-203, 190-205, 80-95, <4.0, <150, <0.20
Oleic acid Y-8, 190-203, 190-205, 80-100, <8.0, <400, <0.50
Oleic acid Y-8, distilled, 190-203, 190-207, 80-100, <8.0, <150, <0.2
Oleic acid Y-10, 185-203, 185-205, 80-100, <10.0, <400, <0.5
Vegetable Oleic acid , 192-204, 192-205, 130-150, <8.0, , <0.5

[Main Use]:
Widely used in the raw materials of plastic stabilizer, engineering plastics, synthetic fiber, nylon 8&9, synthetic detergent, soap, paint, printing ink, stencil, carbon paper, ball-pen oil, etc. And also used in additives of textile oil solution, antiseptic additives of wood, additives for recovering crude oil, demulsifier, etc.

[Packing]: in 180kg net steel drum with resin liner or plastic drum.

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