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Have you always wanted to hunt in Africa, well we can make it happen. We at Corporate Hunting and Lynx Safaris in South Africa welcome all first time hunters as well as experienced hunters.

We will supply all the needed training as well as supply all the necessary equipment as well as give you all the assistance needed to make your hunt successful. We also offer a full taxidermy service and also supply you with all the documents you need for the export of your hunted animal (Trophy) . We can also arrange for the delivery of your trophy to your country throe a number of forwarding and clearing agents. We offer the full range of plains game available in South Africa as well as all of the Big Five. So from the smallest Duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) to the mighty Lion (Pantera Leo) or even the humble Rhino ( Ceratotherium Simum Simum) . So contact Leon Marais or Chris Van Wyk
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