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Increase production Naturally
Probiotics, Enzymes, Yeast & Prebiotics.
Cows. Calves. Pigs. Sheep. Goats.
Increase production Naturally
The use of PROENZ DFM in the feed industry is now common, due to the large number of research trials that have reported improved dry matter intake and milk production in supplemented animals.
Producers still commonly feed low levels of antibiotics to their animals as growth promotants and digestion enhancer`s. However, the feed industry is looking for alternatives to this practice, because many pathogenic microorganisms are becoming resistant to these antibiotics. DFMs offer an effective, natural alternative.
The coexistence of beneficial and potentially pathogenic bacteria is an important factor in the general health of the animal. If this balance is upset the number of beneficial bacteria decline. While the number of potentially pathogenic bacteria increase, compromising the animal's health and growth.
Feeding Proenz containing live, beneficial bacteria helps to maintain this balance, which assists in optimal animal health and performance.

Researchers have found how DFM may work.

: DFM bacteria produce a variety of organic acids and other compounds that are reported to inhibit E. coli and other intestinal pathogens. Organic acids also can serve as energy sources to the animal or other beneficial bacteria.
The primary actions of feeding PROENZ SUPPLEMENT are:

: stimulates appetite
: increases desirable microbial populations
: improves/increases fiber digestion and breakdown
: increases production and regulation of digestive enzymes
: production/utilization of B vitamins, which aid digestion and nutrition
: reduces production of ammonia and methane gas
: increases milk production
: better digestion, less fiber in the manure
: increases weight gains in young animals , better grading.
: better looking animals
: contented animals
: balance of intestinal micro flora is very important toward the proper breakdown and digestion of feed ingredients into available usable nutrients
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