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Our state-of-the-art farm produces pure grade Dried Earthworms, Silkworm
pupae and Spirulina, free of heavy metal contaminates, fillers or other
dilatants and is guaranteed to be pesticide-free. These three products have
emerged as the premier aquaculture feed, feed additive & supplement that we
introduced in the Indian market place. Our Product can impact aquaculture
businesses overall profitability by reducing operating costs. The following
information will give you a more complete picture of our products.

Earthworm is a natural chemical factory in nature we should cherish.

The concept of earthworms as feed are not well conceived or well digested and it remain obscure till now.


Adequate amount of essential amino acids. Comparable fatty acid profile are essential for fishes, birds, Pets and all animals Specifically in terms of lysine & combination of methionine, cysteine, phenylanine & tyrosine which are important for growth and cell repair of all animals. Preponderance of long chain fatty acids. Adequate mineral content is inevitable. Presence of wide range of vitamins. Rich in Niacine  an unusual source of Vitamin B12 and a valuable component of animal feed. Linoleic and Linolenic acids are mandatory for animal feed and it is available in bio form via our products. More environmentally friendly diets with reduced food conversion ratios FCR Overall, a wonderful spectrum of nutrients-essential for animals.

Easily digestible animal protein 98%. More energy provision due to fats especially phospholipids available for energy production. Free sterols helping in growth parameters in all animals particularly in brood development and during ovulation. Minerals in Bio-form that helps in high absorption and growth enhancement. Natural Vitamins helping in synthesis of hormones and enzymes in most of the animals. Required nutrients in bio available form. Poly unsaturated fatty acids helping the animals to have more essential fatty acids synthesis.


The earthworm Protein accelerates growth, develops muscles, puts on weight, covers protein and amino acid deficiency, improves sexual performance, stimulates the appetite, makes feeds more attractive because animals become compulsively attracted by feeds that contain earthworm meal, so the animals come to feed better and waste is avoided. That is they become stronger, beautiful, gain weight, and become happier.


Fish, frog, and crustacean breeding
Ornamental fish breeding
Aviculture and sportive and caged birds
Chinchillas and ornamental birds
Equitation, race, and domestic horses
Cattle, swine, sheep, ducks, Turkey (starter) , Turkey (finisher) Trout, and Eels. and goat studs
Dairy cattle, Pigs, Dogs, Cats
Pets like reptiles, all dragons and to all pets on advice

Our Earthworm STICKS and EARTHWORM CUT TO PIECES is fast moving in various countries

Al kinds of birds love eat because it is its natural food.


Silkworm Pupae Meal

Processed Silkworm pupae meal is the dried residue of Bombyx mori pupae after removal of the silk thread. It is an excellent alternate to fish meal.

Being a product of animal origin, remarkable fiber content originates, due to the presence of chitin and other protein. Fatty acid (FA) composition of is charact by a high percentage of polyunsaturated FAs (11% C18:3) . contents of essential amino acids exceed those of soybean meal by far (as g/16g N: Lys: 6,7, M+C: 4,1, Thr: 4,5, Trp: Due to its high UDP content with a favourable amino acid pattern, is a very valuable protein supplement

Excllent alternate to fish meal

Can be fed in warm water and in cold water. Silkworms rich in Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Vitamins B1, B2, and B3. Can be given to Pets such as reptiles, amphibians, fish, frogs, and snakes and to other pets opn advice.

Our Silkwormpupae is an Excellent alternate to fish meal. Silkworm meal should be limited in poultry diets, but can be used to completely replace fish meal in carp diets. Advice of the livestock consultant should be taken when incorporating silkworm meal into formulations for other animals. Should be ground to assure more uniform mixing in rations