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Carbanion ----Vitamin in air
Electron Hitting between electron and numerator of air(oxygen) could create hydronium with which electricity we call
Carbanion. The carbanion could be existed everywhere in natural. The natural phenomena like thunder & fulgurite;
vegetal photosynthesis; (stroked) by waterfall & stream etc could create a large of carbanion, that's why people
find the air is very limpid when there are raining weather inside the forest besides of waterfall.
 The supernatural function of carbanion:
Make active oxygen: The carbanion could availability activate the oxygen of air, and it makes the body absorb more easier,
to prevent from 'air-conditioner' disease.
Reform lung function: The lung could absorb oxygen more 20%, and discharging carbon dioxide more 15%.
Advance metabolism: Activation of bodys enzyme, advance metabolism.
Buildup resistance: Change skin reactivity, activation of inside skin system enginery, buildup skin resistance
Improve sleep: Through function of carbanion, it makes peoples spirit hearten, improve working efficiency, also reform
sleep, having distinct abirritation.
Sterilize function: The carbanion ware could create a large carbanion as well as a tiny ozone, syncretism could easier adsorb
all kinds of virus, bacterium, making the structure change & transfer energy, lead to death. Divide dust & bacterium, lighten
second-hand smoke harm efficiency, environment-protect as well as healthy.
Remove mist & dust: Neutralize carbanion with negative charge and fog, powder, dust with positive charge could make
them sediment.
Protect function: Neutralize high voltage static of TV & computer, it comes into carbanion protect layer in front of them,
reduce harm for eyes from high voltage static as well as protect TV & computer.
Protect hair: The hair with a large of positive hydronium by itself as well as adhibit a great lot dust. When people card their
hair with comb, rubbing could makes the hairs adsorb each other so the hair could not falls straight naturally, but carbanion
could completely neutralize static to make the hair fall straight naturally.
Advantages︰ Negative ion  Vitamin in the air

Ion is produced when electron collides with molecule in the air. Those with negative charge are called negative ions.

They are everywhere in the nature. Thundering, photosynthesis of plants and waterfall all can bring a great amount of negative ions. Thats why people feel refreshing in thundering weather, The forest or under the waterfall.

The relation of anion quantity and peoples health.

Places studied Anion density(N-ion/Gm2) Research result

Forest waterfall 100000-500000 Immune naturalty

Mountain, seashore 50000-100000 Sterilize and minimize

The infection of diseases
Suburb, rural area 5000-50000 Cause headache and

Physical obstacle

House, room 0-50000 insomnia, air-conditioning diseases

Function of negative ion(anion)

*The negative ion can effectively activate the oxygen molccule in the air and prevent air-conditioner related disease.

*It can improve the function of the lung. When people inhale negative ion, Their lung can absorb 20% more oxygen and blow off 15%more CO2.

*It can activate many kinds of enzyme and improve meta bolism.

*It can make people energetic, Raise efficiency and improve sleep quality.

* Small amount of ozone will be produced when the anion generator is working combined with negative ion, The lamp can sterilize all kinds of virus and germ.

*It can clear the dust and smoke by neutralizing their positive electronic charge and making them fall.

*It can reduce television and computers harm to peoples eyes and keep TV and computer from dust.

*The hair itself has positive ions, Which will absorb dusts to its surface. A great amount of static electron is produced when people do up the hair with comb, Which makes the hair stand, The negative ion can neutralize these static electron and make hair fall smoothly.

The operating principle of the anion generator

The anion generator ca convert low voltage into negative high voltage by special circuit and release a great amount of electrons. These electrons are captured by oxygen in the air and the negative ion is produced. The principle is like that of thundering in the nature.

Demonstration Diagram

1) Experimnet preparation

2) One minute before the sample lamp is switched on.

3) In air-purifying

4) After purification.