Sell Aniseed Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology:Stabilize emotion, improve migraine and vertigo, sober up.

2, Physical:Effectively improve indigestion, colic, gaseous distention. Prevent puke and nausea. Improve oliguria and frigidity, stimulate labour.

3, Skin:Moisture and smooth wrinkle, effectively treat contagious skin.


1, Emotion:Apply 2 droplets into hot water or franrance lamp for controlling emotion.

2, Improving Constipation:Mix 3 droplets with 15ml jojoba oil, then roundly massage clockwise from abdomen to buttock and lower back. (better not bathe within 6 hours after massage)


You can create whatever atmosphere you want in your home or work place by using candle burners or light bulb rings.
Rosemary, for example, helps mental concentration (good for exams) , while Bergamot is uplifting and Lavender is relaxing. See order form for details of products available.