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What is antworkhome?(antworks, antworkshop)

Has poured into the blue color illusion gelatin in the crystal clear bright vessel, It has provided the ant the maintenance life water and the nutrients. Under transparent colloid, The people may clearly observe the three-dimensional space tunnel entire process which the ant constructs

But each product finally all is the ant creation artistic masterpiece. No wonder the similar product is called in USA the ant artware (Antworks) .

In the ant workshop, the ant must pass through enters, adapts to circumstances or environment, produces the leader, the tunnel begins and so on. the beigins of ant work is the excited day for player . when ant excavates tunnel , you can find many intresting and useful situation which you have never seen before . it will brings you the unexpected joy and affected to you by the ant work, the exchange, the rest, feeds, the dispute and so on .

Antworkhome , Don?t need to worry about how to raise the lovable small pets . don?t need to feed them , don?t need take a bath ?did not need to bring these lovably to the pet hospital.

What are the big differences between the antworkhome with other toys ?

Antworkhome has pulled closer the person and the natural distance.

Antworkhome makes the people who works all day in the office. To relaxe the body and mind, return nature, enhance life level , and make you feel more happy with the fashion pet toy .

Although the ants have lived several ten thousand years on the Earth , you may not know more about them . Now , you can observe the action of ant by antworkhome . you will find more intresting stories . and you can get many knowledge .

What is more ! the antworkhome is a common gift . such as children , younger , adult , old person all can enjoy the pet toy . which is fashion enough .

If you want to get pleasure , knowledge, or improve your observation and thought ability, or relax your mind and body . or let your friends and family be more happy . and so on .

Pls pay more attention to our new product -------antworkhome .

Each 'Antworks' Includes:

Case and gel
Magnifying glass
Ant catching/tunnel starting tool
Instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants.

ANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED! However, there is a form included where you can order some ants for delivery via mail. But why bother? Just set out some potato chips in the kitchen and voila! Instant ant colony!
Supply Capacity
10,000Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
50 units
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