Sell Anthocyanin

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Anthocyanin is obtained from grape seeds by special process crafts. It is a kind of new and efficient antioxidants

Application: natural antioxidants and natural colorants, can be widely used in healthcare medicines, cosmetics, beverage, wines and all kinds of foods such as cakes, cheese, ice creams, etc

Characteristic: this product has excellent stability under light, heat and PH values. It is a kind of efficient antioxidants. Soluble in hydro-alcohol

Quality Index:

1 Appearance: brown red powder
2Proanthocyanide <=95%
3. Moisture <=5%
4. Arsenic <= 1ppm
5. Ash<=2%
6Heavy metals <= 10. ppm
7Particle size :100% pass 80mesh sieve
Package: 20kg/ carton

Storage: protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and non-pollution condition