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Being extracted form the natural plant, this product is most effective to prevent and cure cancer.
Ginseng: Ginseng for tribute that can only be used by emperors and generals. Only 0. 3kg RG 3 and 1kg RH2 can be gained from 10, 000kg of this ginseng, which is very hard to extract.
Compared with other special magic herbs of Yunnan, known as "kingdom of vegetation", this herb can only be detected from April to July annually, and it would lose value after this period while it is very rare. Only the local minorities could find it.
1. Powerful Anti-cancer Function
(1) Restraining the increasing of cancer cells.
(2) Causing the disintegration of cancer cells.
(3) Enhancing body immunity to improve the anti-tumour ability.
(4) Restraining the activeness of cancer and preventing the happening of cancer.
(5) Enhancing the effect of chemotherapy and the activeness of chemotherapy medicine for anti-cancer while reducing the toxicity and side-effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
(6) Resisting the invasion and transferring of tumor.
(7) Reversing the medicine-tolerance nature of tumor.
(8) Enhancing the natural healthy cells.
2. Anti-aging, anti-radiation and providing extra body vitality.
3. Enhancing constitution and heart function, soothing nerves and prolonging life.
4. Effectively preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
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480mg x 8 capsules
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GSJZ G20041457
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