Sell Anti-Collision and Zone Protection for Tower Cranes

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CXT/800 Anti-collision and zone protection system is applicable to almost all brands and types of tower cranes, which can be installed and used so conveniently.

This system shows the visual and clear picture covering the state of site, the dynamic operation, the current data and so on, adopting the standard computer LCD screen, promising a effective and safe running for the operator.

CXT/800 system hardware adopts the special industrial controlling computer, special A/D collection card, I/O card, completely integrated with high-performance wireless LAN equipment, high-definition digital aspect sensor, angle sensor and so on, stable and reliable, characterized by communication, calculation, control, display and saving data, adopting modern advanced system software.

CXT/800 system can be installed and used so conveniently, the on-site parameter setup of site and tower cranes is simple and human, you can finish the complete input about tower crane data, no-go zones, obstacle and division, making use of aboveground portable computer, loading all the parameters and pass them by wireless net in a while, it is out of need for the system manager to deal with it by climbing up the tower crane. While in use, if the higher parameter changes, it just need to change data and be passed by wiring in the portable computer, however, it has no effect on the normal running of this system. Meanwhile, this computer can be used as monitoring equipment, monitoring the running state of this system clearly and visually, the friendly procedure screen can show the clear working state of tower cranes which are installed with CXT/800system.