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Ever since scientists discovered that the minute granule of the Laevo-rotatory vitamin C are easily absorbed by the skin and deliver wonderful effects when it comes to skin whitening, lightening of black spots, reduction of wrinkles and enhancement of anti-aging abilities, Laevo-rotatory vitamin C has become the new darling in the field of cosmetology.
This new high-tech product meticulously researched and developed by BelAir, Aqua Powder C  Stabilised Laevo-rotatory Vitamin C (Powder Form) , transforms Laevo-rotatory Vitamin into nano powder grains which melt when in contact with the skin, using the latest nanotechnology. Blending technology and cosmetology, the magical Laevo-rotatory Vitamin Aqua Powder C is absorbed by the skin rapidly, resulting in fine and firm skin which retains its tender and fair complexion. Such is the beautiful gift which BelAir offers to everyone who loves skincare. In that instant when water and powder merge, you will discover the magical charm of BelAir Aqua Powder C.
Contents: Laevo-rotatory Vitamin C
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