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Ginseng that is called The King of Herbs possesses such multiple unique functions as greatly improving weak constitution, prolonging life, curing diseases and enhancing body. There is a legend in which ginseng with thousands of years of history could even save the lives of dying people. In ancient times, ginseng is treated as a rare nutrition goods and super fine tribute, which enjoys great popularity among royal families. Taking ginseng every day, Ci Xi Queen Mother (a famous queen mother in Chinese history) still keeps fair and tender skin full of elasticity even at an age of 70, and Qian Long Emperor (a famous emperor in Chinese history) enjoys a longevity of 89 years-old and becomes the emperor with the highest longevity in past dynasties. With the development of modern science and technology, the magic functions of ginseng have attracted the attention of scientists again. According to research, two rare ingredients in ginseng claim to determine the multiple magic functions of ginseng, and the names of the two ingredients are RH2 and RG3, which belong to ginsenoside and protopanaxadiol. Being the rare ginseng essence in the world, the contents of RH2 and RG3 existing in red ginseng and wild mountain ginseng only account for a slight portion of 0.01 to 0.03 . Through the research of global top institutions, significant results are gained to discover that RH2 and RG3 possess the following excellent functions at the same time:

1. Powerful Anti-cancer Function
(1) Restraining the increasing of cancer cells.
(2) Causing the disintegration of cancer cells.
(3) Enhancing body immunity to improve the anti-tumour ability.
(4) Restraining the activeness of cancer and preventing the happening of cancer.
(5) Enhancing the effect of chemotherapy and the activeness of chemotherapy medicine for anti-cancer while reducing the toxicity and side-effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
(6) Resisting the invasion and transferring of tumour.
(7) Reversing the medicine-tolerance nature of tumour.
(8) Enhancing the natural healthy cells.
2. Anti-aging, anti-radiation and providing extra body vitality.
3. Enhancing constitution and heart function, soothing nerves and prolonging life.
4. Effectively preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
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