Sell Anti-counterfeiting Tape

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1. This is made with the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology in the world, which involves very complicated manufacturing process and makes 100% anti-counterfeiting possible. Produced with exclusive know-now, it is highly distinguishable.
2. When the no-dry lable is removed from the surface when it is affixed to, preset pattern or wording suchas "void", "opened"or"authentic"will appear. This guarantees the authenticity and offers auto-verification.
3. This product can be made to order with specific wording or pattern for enterprises or products, which implies a higher level of security and a more outstanding image of the enterprise.
4. The PET surface material can be in opaque silver, sghiny silver, sparking silver, laser, white or other color, transparent or non-transparent.

1. Anti-counterfeiting for various products and other applications.
2. Prevents lables and stickers from being re-used after being stripped off.
3. Prevents products or aontents of a package from being opened, replaced or stolen.
4. Prevents documents, letters and parcels from un-authorized opening and reading.
5. Improves product image, guarantees quality and raise customer's confidence on the product.