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Anti-fog shrink film is another multi-layers co-extruded bi-oriented blown film specially to be used for packaging of frozen or refrigerated food products. It is also Cross-linked Shrink film.
These packed food products like pizza, ice cream, fruit, tray wrapped fresh food including poultry, fish, prawn, sausage, etc, are normally placed in the supermarkets' refrigerator display cabinets. The appearance of these products often become unsightly and cloudy due to the fogging problems or in the other words, the building up of water droplets on the surface of the packing.
It combines an additional anti-fog property into its existing excellent properties in order to prevent fogging to take place, which reduces the surface tension on the film so as to allow water to wet the surface rather than forming water droplets on it, hence consistently maintaining the clear appearance of the packed products.

The available thickness for Anti fog shrink film is: 12 microns (48 Gauge) , 15 microns (60 Gauge) , 19 microns (75 Gauge) and 25 microns (100 Gauge) .
The width for Centerfold is from 6 inches to 30 inches and for Single wound is from 6 inches to 60 inches.

The length of our Standard roll is as follows.
12 microns: 1667 m; 15 microns: 1332m;
19 microns: 1067 m; 25 microns: 800 m;
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