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easy-on permanent anti-graffiti coating makes removing graffiti effortless.

Just one coat of this super tough protective finish seals in the surface underneath making it resistant to pretty much everything.

easy-on has been tested independently for your peace of mind and the results are impressive. Tests showed that a single coat of easy-on lasts for over 20 years and can be subjected to 100's of cleans without the need for reapplication. Whether applied internally or externally easy-on enabled the complete removal of all graffiti, fly posters, shoe scuffs, traffic film and even germs and bacteria from every surface. After each cleaning the test panels were checked under a powerful microscope and proven to be free from shadows or stains. This rigorous independent testing sets easy-on apart from other anti graffiti coatings and guarantees its performance in any situation.

It's hard to describe in words but when you spray easy-off graffiti remover on to a graffitied wall previously coated with easy-on it's like watching magic. Right in front of your eyes, easy-off starts to dissolve the layers of graffiti while the non stick easy-on coating acts to repel liquid causing any contaminant to lift and gracefully run down the wall, leaving behind a perfectly clean surface which is ready to be cleaned just as easily next time its attacked.

Cleaning a wall protected with easy-on is around 90% faster than cleaning an unprotected wall so if you want to save money, shield regularly vandalised walls with easy-on and knock hours off graffiti removal times.

Its not just people with a graffiti problem who choose to benefit from easy-on though. Since easy-on lasts up to 20 years Schools, Housing Associations and Hospitals apply it to corridor, stairwell and toilet walls. This simple action saves thousands of pounds every year. Why redecorate when you can just wipe dirt away and reveal walls that look like they are newly painted?

Put simply, easy-on guarantees your walls stay clean, saves you time, money and effort and greatly improves overall hygiene. All easy-on testing has been conducted independently and we have proudly published the results online ensuring you can buy or specify in total confidence.

easy-on is the most cost effective and rewarding product of its kind on the market today.
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