Sell Anti-static fire retardant/heat resistant glove

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Item no. FG-001 anti-static fire retardant/heat resistant glove

Length: 39 cm

The fabric was made by permanent fire retardant NEW-PS filament yarn with anti-static one. It is designed by 7 mm strip conductive yarn and 10e8-10 ohms of resistivity.

1. lint free
2. chemical resistance
3. thermo stability in high temperature condition
4. flame retardant, LOI value is approx. 40
5. anti-static
6. use temperature: 190-200oC
7. excellent solvent resistant, except hot concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, it owns strong performance of acid and alkaline resistance. No solvent could dissolve it under 200oC

Workers in clean room or other work places move high temperature products.