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Herewith we would like to present our great product - Siberian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) or as it is sometimes called - a Birch Mushroom, which is famous for its anticancer properties for centures of use by Russian folk. It is used by many pharmaceutical companies as a raw material for anticancer drugs production as well as for creating treatments against malignant new formations of different localization in the inoperable cases and in case of impossibility of conducting radiation therapy: the cancer of stomach, bowels, of pancreas, liver, gullet, lungs and other well vascular organs. Also chaga can be used as a food supplement or as a tea for prevention of cancerous diseases. We harvest our chaga in ecologically clean northern parts of Irkutsk region (East Siberia, Russia) and we also produce chaga extract of highest quality. We have been engaged in export of chaga and chaga extract for almost 3 years, and presently we are exporting chaga and extract to Korea, Japan and Canada.
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Brand Name
Dried chaga mushroom
Supply Capacity
up to 15 000kg
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
500 kg
Terms of Payment
L/c or T/T
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