Sell Antifouling Nanofilm of Ceramic Products

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1. Applied to the ceramic products, a nanofilm is formed and make dirt difficult to adhere to
2. Feature: Antiskid, Self-Clean Function, Colorless, harmless, transparent, waterproof, wear resistant, All-Weather Protection, time and effort saving
Application Scope:
Such sanitary equipment as tile, nightstool, basin, and bathtub.
(Because of large pores, marble, glass tile, etc. are not suitable for using this product)
Use Method:
While used for the first time, please wash clean basin, nightstool or tile surface with the general soap for [at least 2 or more times], and use toilet paper or dry cloth to wipe dry the basin, nightstool, and kitchen tile, or wait for natural drying.
Spray this product on the surface of basin, nightstool or tile after drying, and evenly daub it around with the special nonwoven fabrics of our company vertically and horizontally, then wait for 5 min after the product is dried (the long the waiting time, the better the result) . Then evenly wipe the ceramic product clean.
Wipe the ceramic product surface again, or rinse with clean water.
Two repeated operations will get better results.