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Antioxidant 1076
Chemical name: Stearyl-3-(3', 5'-di-t-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) propionate
CAS# 2082-79-3
Refs: Irganox 1076 (CIBA)
Appearance: White Crystalline powder
Melting Range: 49. 0-54. 0 0
Content: 98% min
Volatile Content: 0. 20% max
Ash: 0.1% max
Light transmittance (10g/100ml toluene)
425nm 97% min
500nm 98% min
Solubility(200C) : Acetone: 19% Benzene: 57% n-Hexane: 71% Ethyl Acetate: 47%
Methanol: 0.6% Water :< 0.01%

Application: Antioxidant 1076 is hindered phenolic antioxidant with its advantages of relatively better heatproof and waterproof character. It can effectively inhibit oxidation and thermal degradation of many organic and polymeric materials. It is widely applied to polyolefin such as polyethylene, polypropylene, plybutene-1, as well as other polymer such as engineer plastics polyamide, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, ABS resin and petroleum product, often used with DLTP for promoting the ant-oxidative effect.

Packing: It is packed in cardboard box lined with plastic bags with the net capacity of 25kg or packed in three-in-one compound bags or designed according to customers' requirements.