Sell Antiseptic Liquid

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Dolphin Healthcare sells its Pathol products to the ethical sector i. e. hospitals and medical centers by giving product presentations to doctors and nurses. Our Pathol Antiseptic-Germicide Liquid is approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MAL20040183XC) as well as Halal-certified by JAKIM Malaysia. With the endorsements from the ethical sector as a strong but gentle antiseptic, we have successfully launched to the general public. It has been accepted as a useful front-line product in both personal and family hygiene and an invaluable first aid product. The A. C. Nielson Survey for 2002 had positioned our Pathol Liquid as 3rd in terms of market value and volume after Dettol and Savlon.

Dolphin Healthcare has exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia. It sells well in these markets during the recent SARS and Bird Flu crises. As an acceptable product worldwide, we intend to penetrate other markets like other Islamic countries, Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Australia, Europe, America, etc.