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Antistatic filters cloth (bag) is mainly directed against a number of fiber (especially synthetic) resistance, highly charged and design. Some e-change of gathering dust in the filter surface, the impact of the filter bag cleaning effect of increased resistance in a row, leading to the inside and outside the bag under high ignite flammable in the bag filter dust, dust concentration reaches a certain line when the explosion may occur.
At present, make filter material has the properties of electrical conductivity is:
⑴ Of woven filter cloth interval in the warp yarn into the conductive.
⑵ Acupuncture in the media warp in the fabric between conductive yarns into cloth.
⑶ Acupuncture in the media web of conductive fibers mixed.
Characteristics of antistatic filter material

Index Filter needle felt Filter weave fabric
Material Polyester Polyester
Finishing Stabilization, Calendaring Stabilization, Calendaring
Weight (g/m2) >=500 >=325
Tensile Breaking Strength (N/25mm) Warp >=1200 >=1120 >=3000
Weft >=1680 >=1700 >=3700
Permeability (cm3/cm2. s) 10~35 10~35 10~25
Service Temperature (0) <130