Sell Antrodia Camphorata Polysaccharide Capsule of Dabieshan Brand

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Antrodia camphorata is also called thin hole bacterium growing on antrodia camphorate, Niu-chang Mushroom, Niu-Autrodia Camphorata, Red Antrodia Camphorata, Blood Glossy Ganoderma, etc. , which is distributed on the decayed inner wall of heartwood of camphor trees, the fruiting body is red and massive with sweet smell of camphor trees, its growing period is up to decades years or more than hundred years, and it is growing at 450-2000m above sea level of Taiwan Mountainous region, it is the most rare officinal fungus in Taiwan. Our company separates the bacterium of wild antrodia camphorata by the latest biological technology, and produces hypha of the antrodia camphorata via the depth fermentation of liquor and adopts the technology of ultrasonic breaking and instensifying abstraction, then extracts high content antrodia camphorata active polysaccharide and triterpenic category, adenosine, super-oxygenic dismutase and other effective compositions. It has the following functions: eliminating fatigue, cosmeticizing and improving health, protecting liver and detoxifying, promoting metabolism relieving the acute liver harm caused by alcohol, immune adjustment etc. It is highly concentrated extract and its efficacy is ten times than that of the fruiting body or hypha of camphor tree. Its mainly suitable for the following: 1. Adjusting metabolism, delaying senility, slacking functional involution caused by long-term fatigue and pressure, and one who is tired and forceless. 2. Preventing and clearing the pigment and deposition of face skin, decreasing diminution chloasma, Hudie speckle, whelk, hypersusceptibility caused by anaphylaxis of cosmetics and other dermatoses. 3. Having the function of natural balanced regulation for hyperpimelosis and too thin people. 4. Relaxing hairs sparseness and scorch, and making them recover luster. 5. Relaxing bony loosen , lumbago and backache, feeling unsettled, dyspepsia, insomnia and dreamful sleep, headache and dizziness, etc. caused by the menopausal syndrome of female. 6. Decomposing redundant nicotine and alcohol and accelerating to expell from body for smokers and drinkers. The product is produced in the factory building authorized by GMP. The product has been assayed and confirmed by the current notarial office SGS of HongKong, wins the inspection certificate of the testing of heavy metal, microorganism and toxicity of medicament, and fully accords with the international safety standard.