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Antrodia Camphorata, the called national treasure of Taiwan, is a rare and very precious medical fungus in Taiwan, its miraculous efficacies made in human beings body had been investigated and researched by many Taiwanese universities, scholars and hospitals, they try to find the important components inside antrodia camphorata through repetitiveresearch and analysis.

Antrodia camphorata only grows inside the hollow trunk of the old-aged (over 100 years) Cinnamomum comphora trees. This Cinnamomum comphora trees spread on Taiwan mountains of 450~2,000 meters elevation. Due to the magic efficacies of Antrodia camphorata to human beings body, the Cinnamomum comphora trees had been seriously cut illegally to sell for great benefit, now the innamomum comphora tree had beenprotected by Taiwan government, so the price of Antrodia camphorata in Taiwan market isfairly high nowadays.

The most efficacies of Antrodia camphorata are in its fruit body. Although there are many private organizations in Taiwan put into production of Antrodia camphorata, the technique to cultivate the fruit body is very costly and difficult, and it also takes long. Therefore, the
current cultivations of Antrodia camphorata in the market are with liquid type or solid type; the antrodia camphorata cultivated by liquid type is mycelium, not the fruit body, and the components of the fruit body cultivated by solid type is only similar to the components of
wild Antrodia camphorata.

The famous efficacies of Antrodia camphorata are:

- Anti-cancer
- Anti-inflammation
- Anti-fatigue
- Anti-oxidant
- Liver protection
- Blood circulation improvement
- Immunity enhancement

It was said in ancient time, the Antrodia camphorata was recognized as magic food toring health and last people life.