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(0.5% Protein Amylose SL)
Through biologic techniques, protein amylose and the like bioactivators have been extracted from the offal (such as fungus bran and the mushroom authority base ) during mushroom production , and an environmental friendly bio-fungicide is compounded with good control efficacy on the virus, diseases and physiological disease of crops. In addition, this product contains 16 kinds of trace elements, such as amino acid, zinc, iron, copper, calcium etc. that needed during the growth of plants, thus it can effectively promote the growth and development of crops.


1. Effectively passivate the infectious activity of virus, suppress the reproduction of virus and then enhance the plants' fastness.

2. Has good control efficiency on epidemic disease of plants.

3. Enhance yields of crops and improve the quality of products.

4. It has a wide coverage, no residue, no harm to animals or human beings and no pesticide-resistance will occur.

Target crops and diseases :

5. Be applicable to the control on virus disease of cucumbers, corns, tobaccos, teas and flowers etc.

6. Can control the mosaic diseases of tobaccos, peanuts and flowers etc.

Application Method:

1. Spraying: Dilute the products by 600~800 during seedling stage and symptom loom; spray once every 7~10 days with consecutive application 3~4 times.

2. Seed soaking: Soak seeds with the products diluted by 600 times.

3. Root soaking: Soak roots with the products diluted by 600 times for 30 minutes before seedling transplant.

4. Root irrigating: Irrigate roots with the products diluted by 600 times after seedling thinning.


1. Shake the product well before application and spray immediately after dilution.

2. Have good combinability with neutral, slight acidic pesticides, foliar fertilizer and growth regulator.

4. Keep in a cool, ventilated and arid place.

5. Shelf life: 3 years.