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Since its foundation, Masoud Mark Printing Complex has ensured that its production processes have been up to the minutes with state-of-the-art technology. The continual modernization of equipment and technology through reinvestment of profits is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.

This factory is established in enjoying valuable experiences of its management and personnel which are specialized in the manufacturing of industrial plates and front panels, promotional nameplates and plaques and other printing services.

Our wide experience and technical means make us a highly competitive company within the Asian market and allow us to offer excellent value for money.

Masoud Mark was founded in 1978. Initial exploitation in a factory of 840 cubic meters extent and 30 tones production capacity of any type of Metal Name Plates.

physical development of factory equipments and also increases of factory extent to 1800 cubic meters and planning for printing lines improvement.

Second and third Metal Printing line establishment and increases of annual factory output up to 385 tones.

permanent research making and constant studies and personnel scientific level improvement by efficient trainings and the best utilization of trained human resources and experts and participate in reputable domestic and foreign printing industry exhibition. The training and preparation of our staff has always been a determining factor in our quality results.

Control of managing system and special manner of existing resource apply which at last led to gain ISO9002 Certification for all of our productions . It is necessary to mention that our factory is the first one which has succeeded to gain ISO9002 Certification in the printing industry of country .

Foreign customer attraction and export of the first Metal Name Plates consignment to Lebanon and then Syria and Turkey have been the beginning of its new season.

Considering country need to productions of higher quality and vendible to the world markers and in order to make sure of all producing stages control, this unit made some efforts to equip it`s machinery . Thereafter all producing stages were done in a complete equipped collection exclusively .

These stages are:

a) Previous to printing operations:

Designing , making sample and digital lithography

b) Printing operations:

Metal offset , U. V offset , silk screen , printing negative , tempo print , heat printing Name Plates and Label printing .

c) After printing operations:

Decorative Verne , Embossed , Engraving and liable Laminate

Considering increases of factory out put and production variation , and applied machinery mass, physical development design of factory exploited in March 2002 and Masoud Mark Metal Printing factory was transferred to its new place of 4200 cubic meters administrative and manufacturing space .

This complex is honored to present an acceptable and report of its proceeds enjoying a very diligent manager and staff as the greatest Metal Name Plate producer during three decades constant efforts throughout the country our factory presents its productions of the highest quality and the best services to domestic and foreign Industry.