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(MAL-II) Apex Locator is highly precise root canal measure device with the latest technology used for measuring the working length of root canal. It is the latest model for apex locator with CE 0197, which is equipped with the fifth generation electrocircuit technology--the most up-to-date technology! More stable performance and more convenient operation contribute to the popularity with the dentists.
Accuracy You Can See and Hear
 The fifth generation circuit in the area of apex locator
 Free from the conditions of root-canal
dryness or electrolytes, blood or physiological brines will not affect the measuring result. Dry and Wet condition are also available for accurate reading!
 The narrow area (apical constriction) of the apex in the following figure of root-canal can be adjusted by the dentists if necessary(range 0-5mm) .
 Autoclavable file hoder and contrary eletrode to avoid cross infection
 Self calibrating
 Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
 Compact, stable, ergonomic design for easy handling
 Colored LCD display with real-time graphic of root canal
 Lithium battery-operated by 5 picecs of AAA.
 Sound alarm indicating apex
 Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter
 CE 0197