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Product Name: Apple extract
English name: Apple Extract
Latin name: Malus pumila Mill.
Specifications: 1. Polyphenol 40% 80% 2. Polyphenol / phlorizin 80% / 5%, 40% / 40%
Product Source: Apple is a thinning of the skin residue and processed as raw materials derived from natural products, is the latest high-efficiency anti-oxidation products.
Active ingredient: Apple Polyphenol (applepolyphenol) , polyphenols, known as "the seventh category of nutrients", the main active ingredient is polyphenols, polyphenols molecular structure means that there are a number of phenolic hydroxyl general term for plant components, including flavonoids, tannins categories, as well as phenolic acids such as anthocyanins. Apple polyphenols (apple polyphenol) is contained in multi-Apple substances commonly known as polyphenols. The main types of ingredients Proanthocyanidins 50%, chlorogenic acid-based phenolic acids accounted for about 20%, catechin, epicatechin, gallic acid, such as about 4-6% monomer, phlorizin, Phloretin of p-coumaric acid, dihydro-chalcone, quercetin, such as about 20%. Specifications polyphenols 40% ~ 80% Polyphenols / phlorizin 80% / 5%, 40% / 40%

Main Effects:

1. As a highly effective antioxidant, is added to meat products, aquatic products, food products containing oils and fats, sweets, drinks, ice cream, chocolate. To prevent oxidation of the active ingredients to ensure quality.

2. The anti-allergic activities, applicable to all types of topical ointment

3. The prevention of dental caries: application of chewing gum, toothpaste.

4. Anti-microbial to eliminate bad breath.

5. Whitening slimming effect: the role of inhibition of tyrosinase, reduce melanin deposition, the main sunscreen agents in cosmetics, inhibited the synthesis of fat in the liver, and promote fat oxidation.

6. Inhibit tumor effect.

7. To improve the cardio-cerebral vascular function, blood pressure, blood fat.

8. To reduce serum cholesterol.

9. Germinal UFA.