Sell Apple polyphenols

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Product name : apple polyphenol
Specification : apple polyphenol >= 75% (UV)
Phlorizin >= 8% (HPLC)
Chlorogenic acid >= 16% (HPLC)
Appearance :Red-brown powder
Odor : characteristic
PH : 2.5-4.5
Origination : unripe apple
Packing : 1kg/ aluminum foil with double plastic bags insides.
5kg,15kg,25kg/paper drum with double plastic bags insides.

Function :
Apple is a popular fruit all over the world. More and more people pay attention to its biological activity.
The antioxidant activity of apple polyphenol has been proved in many literatures and composition of polyphenol from apple is very clear now. It can be widely used as raw material in food , beverage and cosmetic industry.
The function below has been recognized already.

Hair Growth
Lung Cancer
Prostate Health
Fat Loss
Colon Cancer
Heart Disease