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Fuji Apple
1) Fuji apple is available from the end of September to next May or June
2) Available classes are: first class, second class and third class

5kg/ctn, 10kg/ctn, 4kg/ctn, 8kg/ctn, 12kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn
Packed in paper cartons, each piece of apple is wrapped individually by net sock, covered by plastic bag, and well separated by paper-pulp tray and transparent interleaf and pad.

Gala Apple
1) . Size: 10kgs/ctn: 40, 44.
2) .20kgs/ctn: 88, 100, 113, 125,138,150
3) . Medium-sized. Rotund cone-shaped. Golden yellow background with light red on front and non-continuous wide red stripes. Nice shape with 5 prisms at top. Slim stem. Thin and lusterous skin. Cream flesh. Juicy and slightly sour. Tasty and top quality. The soluble is 13%-15%. Ripens in the early August.

Huaniu Apple
size : 28/32/36/40/44 packing: 10kgs/ctn
size: 100/113/125 packing: 20kgs/ctn
size: 125/138/150/163/175/198 packing: 20kgs/ctn

corlour: red
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T