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Aramid (Kevlar) packing is made of braids of Aramid fiber, a strong
organic substance, which are impregnated with PTFE dispersion and lubricant. This material is suitable for use as dynamic sealing in
medias that contain solid particles.
Application conditions:
1) Max. working temperature: -75 ~ 260oC
2) Max. working pressure:1.5 Mpa(rotary pump)
Max. working pressure:10Mpa(reciprocating pump)
Max. working pressure:20Mpa(valve)
PH value: 2-12
Linear speed: 0-15M/S(rotary pump)
Linear speed: 0-2M/S(reciprocating pump)
Linear speed: 0-2M/S(valve)
5) Cross Section: 1/8 ~ 2
6) Density: 1.45 ~ 1.55g/cc
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