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We specialize in Aramid fiber, sewing thread, fabric and bags made in China. Best function/price ratio is what we guarantee to our clients. Aramid fiber is a new kind of synthetic fiber with the advantage of high strength, modulus, resistance of acid, alkali and high temperature, light weight and so on. The strength is 5-6 times of steel wire, modulus is 2-3 times of steel wire or glass fiber, tenacity is 2 of steel wire, yet weight is only 1/5 of steel wire. At the temperature of 5600, it wont be decomposed or melt. Besides its good in insulation and anti-aging. It has longer lifetime than other fibers.

Long time heat stability
Good fire retardance
Excellent electrical insulation
Extraordinaire chemical stability
Fair mechaninary
Strong resistance of radiation

protective clothing
Aramid 1313 has the advantage of no combustion, droplet and smoke when it encounters fire. Especially at the high temperature of 900-15000, the cloth is carbonized and thicker immediately, which becomes a special adiabatic barrier to help people escape. If adding in some anti-static fiber or aramid 1414, it could effectively prevent the cloth explosion and avoid electric arc, static, roaring flame and so on. Aramid fiber 1313 can be used in making special protective clothing, such as flying suit, anti-chemical warfare suits, firefighter clothing, boiler clothing, electric welding clothing, radiation proof clothing, high-tension shielding clothing and so on. Its popular in the line of aerial, space, army, firefighting, petrifaction, electricity, gas, metallurgy, vehicle race and so on.

High temperature filter material
Aramid 1313 has been taking the leading position in high temperature filtration material because of the ability of resistance high temperature and chemical and size stability. Aramid filter material is popular in the high temperature chimney and filtration of hot air in chemical plant, power station, carbon black plant, cement plant, lime plant, coking plant, smelting plant, asphalt plant, paint factory, arc furnace, oil boiler, incinerator and so on. It not only effectively removes dust but also resist the chemical erosion from harmful smoke. At the same time, it helps recycling the heavy metal.

Honeycomb structure materia
Aramid 1313 structure paper material can be made into multilevel honeycomb structure board, which has the prominent character in strength/weight and rigidity/weight ratio (9 times of steel) , light weight, resistance impact, insulation, corrosion and aging, good electromagnetic waves permeation and so on. Its suitable in making plane, essm, yacht, boat race, express train and the other high requirement of interlining structure
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