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Material: stainless steel wire and Low Carbon Wire.

Weaving and characteristics: crimp before welding.

Uses: used in coal, mine, water treatment etc. profession

Our factory has the ability to manufacture the most precise most durable arc-shape sieving plate, We can deal with the materials whose thickness exceeds 0.05mm, with the nice geometrical shape and nipping edge and the strong incise capability, high-performance of doff-media, not only can ensure the highest efficiency but also could avoid the jam of the sieve pore to the greatest extent. Because the excellent wear-resisting performance of the material and unique processing technology, have reduced times of changing the surface of sieving, reduced the cost, improved working efficiency.

Our factory can offer various kinds of arc-shape sieving, customers can choose different size and opening arc-shape sieving plate and sieving slice, according to the needs of themselves, in order to meet its actual need.

Arc-shape sieving

The materials of product adopts ICr18Ni9Ti, can make various kinds of arc-shape sieving platen high strength sieving panel.
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