Sell Argon Arc Face-to face (Ultrasonic Jagged) Welding AL-Plastic Composite Pipe Set

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1. It adopts a famous programmable control system with the function of intelligent memory. It can not only run the whole line synchronously, but realize the adjustment of single machine. It is equipped with a man-machine interface, the central IPC and 15 touched screen. It is operated easily and flexibly with international advanced automation.
2. The Al-plastic pipe is formed by argon arc butt welding with a flat welding seam and good quality. An imported famous brand welder is equipped. The welding current is controlled by the pulling speed, equipped with double guns for instantaneous and automatic change, ensures quality of pipe and continues production.
3. The advanced Al pipe forming and positioning systems ensure the precision of Al-plastic pipe and the rate of finished product.
4. It adopts a special high frequency induction heating system for Al-plastic pipe with energy saving and high efficiency. It also ensures the adhesive quality of the pipe. The production speed is improved in 3-5 times in comparison with that of the electrical heating or flame heating device.
5. The imported far-infrared inspector monitors temperature of the pipe all the way, and ensures the adhesive strength.
6. The imported jet printer and the intelligent eddy current flaw detector are connected with PCC, printing the setting contents and marks automatically with the sound and light alarm and the defect recorder.
7. The extrusion line can be changed into two lines for produce the coaxial TV cable so as to enhance the market competitive power by replacing relative parts.
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