Sell Arm Blood Pressure Monitor(COT-016)

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Vocal function while displaying measurements
With functions of measuring depressing, querying
Beautiful design and elegant style


Display system: Digital display system/LCD 6 digits
Measuring method: Oscillometric method
Power source: "AA" batteries 1.5V*4
Measuring range: 0-280mmHg(Pressure) ;
40-200pulses/minute (pulse)

Accuracy: 13mmHg (pressure) ; 15% (pulse)
Pressurization: Auto pressurization
Deflation: Auto release
Therapy method: Electronic pulse treat
Datum report: By speech
Automatic power off: To be automatically cut off after 2 minutes of non use to save energy
Operating environment: 100-400, RH<=80%
Storage environment: 00-400, RH<=80%
Dimension for packing: 198(L) *127(W) *98(H) /mm
Gross Weight: Approx. 700g
Condition: In market
Dimension of carton: 550*444*317mm(72pcs/carton)