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1. Most types of Bosch, Nippon, Hitachi, Mitsubishi are available.

2. Reliable quality, ensuring the great function and endurance.

3. Long-term cooperation with Europe and American guests, having fully experience of this item.

4. Nippon, Hitachi, Bosch, Mitsubishi are all available.

5. Able to re-innovate accord with customers' samples.

6. Any comment or need, pls feel free to contact us!

7. IM3023 Ref. No.5090-2594 "12V, Dim:187mm OAL 9-Splines
17mm Shaft OD,10mm Shaft OD
8. IM3067 ISUZU 5811210290 "12V, Dim:167mm OAL 19-Splines
NIPPON 028007430 / 0282002140 10mm Shaft OD,8mm Shaft OD
0282005350 / 1542563071
2816054070 / 2816054071
2816087705 / 5811210290
Ref. No. 5090-2417
9. HITACHI 213061004 12V, Dim:180mm OAL 11-Splines
HITACHI 233100Y000 17mm Shaft OD,8mm Shaft OD
10. IM3006 HITACHI 211431009 / 211471005 12V, Dim:167.5mm OAL 11-Splines
211471104 / 211471108 17mm Shaft OD,8mm Shaft OD
211491008 / I 2331045300
WAI NO.61-8100
11. BOSCH 9001082574 / 9001082594 12V, Dim:226.5mm OAL 10-Splines
12.5mm Shaft OD,12mm Shaft OD
12. IM3041 MITSUBISHI M106X02271 12V, Dim:151mm OAL 9-Splines
M106X29871 / M106X41671 15mm Shaft OD,9mm Shaft OD
M106X41672 / M106X41673
WAI NO.61-8303 MD607636 / MD618369
Ref. No. 5003-2890
13. WAI NO.61-8313 F12Z-11005-A 12V, Dim:121mm OAL 11-Splines
Ref. No. 5003-3312 10mm Shaft OD,10mm Shaft OD
14. IM3040 MITSUBISHI M106X29371 24V, Dim:151mm OAL 9-Splines
MITSUBISHI ME700136 15mm Shaft OD,9mm Shaft OD
15. IM3030 KOMATSU KD123000120 24V, Dim:219.5mm OAL 9-Splines
NIKKO 0231000121 20mm Shaft OD,14mm Shaft OD
NIKKO 1231000120
NIKKO 1811210330
NIKKO 7231000040
16. most parts of our products are not listed, welcome your inquiry and comments.
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