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Your vehicle can be one of the most polluted environments. Most people drive for
Hours breathing irritating air filled with smog, exhaust, dust and many contaminants.
New AromaMAX fills your automobile's interior with cleaner air and has a patented chamber that can be filled with therapeutic aroma fragrances.
This state of the art air ionizer plugs into the cigarette lighter and immediately begins filtering the air of particulates and odors while filling the vehicle with healthy fragrances.
The unit comes with a one year supply of two most widely used therapeutic aromas; Jasmine& Lavender.
This low priced air purifier has huge demand for today's consumer seeking healthy air products.

Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter. Uses no chemicals. Removes pollutants& odors. Quiet operating fan. Patented fragrance box surrounds you with a pleasant, healthy scent.5 colors to choose from.