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We are looking for agents to distribute our product. Refreshing Mints 'Bonne Sante' are an original product containing essential oils and extracts supporting ones health and feeling of freshness. The grapefruit raises concentration of the mind and increases intellectual performance, the extract Schizandrae shows comparable effects to Ginseng. BONNE SANTI (Good Health) brings freshness in 100 tablets, with xylitol, no sugar added, natural essential oils and extracts suitable for diabetics. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of aromatherapy products in the Czech Republic. We are active in development of natural additives (essential oils and extracts) in pharmacy, cosmetics and food supplements and in the production of a wide range of herbal cosmetics, aromatherapy medicals, food additives, freshners and bee products.
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Bonne Santi
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