Sell Aromatherapy

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Intuigco manufactures sprays for aromatherapy. We use 100% pure essential oil to produce them.
Our product line is.

* Pure and natural.
Refines the air, neutralizes stink from cigarette, cigar, restroom and other like that.
* Energy purity.
Keeps away from you bad wishes and bad energy. Brings to your body and mind large
* Concept renewer.
Equilibrates all your chakras, brings you good humour sense. Renovates old concepts,
changes old way of thinking. Works on those people who doesnt change mind. Brings
you and freedom feeling.
* Good dreams.
Offers you good sleep and dreams, relaxing, makes you calm down. Increases sleep
quality. Excelent for relaxing therapy.
* Energy and success.
Increases your interest for life, attracts abundance and good luck. Blesses home, brings
you good humour sense and kindness. Superb to bring you good business
* Organization and concentrating.
Estimulates your concentration and brings you good and new ideas, turning thenselves,
each time more, clear. Brings to you good thoughts and feelingswhen life disturbes you.
Keeps away from you somnolence. Gives to you energy and turns yourself powerfull to
face the life. Reorganizes your mind turning clear your thoughts and ideas. .

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