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ArtPro Nail Printer V6++ is an apparatus to print various color patterns on your natural nails or Nail Tips, suitable for you to develop nail art salons or self-service businesses in the plaza, supermarket, beauty parlor, fashion store, entertainment place and travel spots, as well as to sell the finished Tips Set packages through internet or commission counters in the shopping mall.

Product Features:
1. Thousands of ready-made patterns for selection;
2. A memory capacity of 40G for hundreds of thousands of patterns;
3. Support pattern shape with the help of diverse templates;
4. Support pattern capture by cropping sections from DIY patterns;
5. Support importing your self-provided pictures as temporary DIY patterns;
6. Support quick photography with different frames;
7. Auto identification of nail shapes and positions;
8. Size, direction, and position of patterns can be adjusted before printing;
9. Support the printing of 10 plane or 3D Tips at one time;
10. Offer 25 colors to each pattern for free change;
11. Offer graphic and symbolic interface, from which you can select patterns by touching the screen with your finger;
12. Support direct pattern selection with corresponding number entry;
13. Support pre-selection of multiple patterns;
14. LCD + touch screen;
15. Remote control is available for better photographing with auxiliary light;
16. Coin/note identifier is available for putting self-service operation into practice;
17. USB port, PC keyboard, mouse and network interface are available for upgrading and maintenance;
18. Add nail art patterns at your pleasure;
19. Add voice prompts at your pleasure;
20. Add background music at your pleasure;
21. Support inquiry about painting count;
22. Offer password management function;
23. Offer software for calibrating the print benchmark;
24. Support setting as slot machines;
25. Support volume control;
26. Support multiple languages.
Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
I pc
Power Requirements
110/220 volts, 50-60hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Guangzhou
Warranty Coverage
1 year