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The benefits of using Arthur cigarette-holder

1. The use of tobacco in the cigarette holder can effectively filter the nicotine or tar, to reduce smoking on the human body Hazards.
2. To reduce respiratory diseases and lung cancer from happening.
3. To reduce a large number of teeth due to accumulation of tar and dark yellow, to keep their teeth white, oral hygiene Health.
4. Those who suffer greatly reduce the extent of passive smoking, maintaining his family's health .
5. Use of the physical structure will enable the smoke is more comfortable, and does not change the original taste.
How to clean cigarette holder:
1. External Cleaning: Use a soft cotton swab can be gently put on the skin, especially the cigarette holder of the mouthpiece part, since they will often mouth, mouths, must pay attention to hygiene, it is recommended prior to use what are scalded with boiling water, and then use paper towels to drip paint on or the drying can be.
2. Internal cleansing:
1, if it is for the internal cleansing of the core-type cigarette holder is very simple, because when you rely on the use of filters in the filter, cigarette holder wall installation is not only a few may be due to close and leakage of tar, just use a little paint on paper towels or a cloth swab Cleaning can be.
2, cigarette holder of cleaning is mainly aimed at cleaning-type cigarette holder, because this type of cigarette holder can be used repeatedly washing, cleaning and filtering effects of the use of part of the crucial role:
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