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Artichoke Tea: Package of 20 of 2gram packs Artichoke originated from the Mediterranean region, pharmaceutical name as Cynara Scolymus L. Being imported into Vietnam during the French domination, it has been growing ideally in cool climate areas such as Dalat, Sapa and Tam Dao. This is a previous medicinal plant of which pharmaceutical value notably affects liver troubles containing abundantly protein, lipid and glucid (mainly insulate) , and it provides suitable active elements used for treatment of diabetes. Artichokes has been popularly used in various ways such as fresh serving, drying, glue processing. Nam Phuong has its own way of processing artichokes filter bags. Artichoke filter bags are produced in accordance with a closed process and from a new formula by Nam Phuong. In order to attain hygienic standards, Nam Phuong has the materials and ingredients washed and dried, packaging processed by ultraviolet system and products sterilized prior to releasing from factory. Daily use of Artichoke tea can help your skin to be fine. Artichoke tea can also help in liver protection, gall hyper-secretion and diuretic. Its active elements additionally diminish cholesterol, toxin and improve the secretion of the mothers milk during the feeding period for their babies. Artichoke tea can be served either hot or cold with delicious tastes. The best way to prepare a tasty glass of artichoke tea, you will mix the product with boiling water and serve at once or wait till it cool down for cold serving. Lets try Artichoke filter bags made by Nam Phuong and you will surely reveal the difference.
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Package of 20 of 2gram packs
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