Sell Artificial Marble and Stone

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Ours is manufacturer in China, specializing in aritificial stone(solid surface material) . The material has been widely used in decoration and many other areas. Main products: doorframe, table-board, doorcase, tub, test-bed, bathroom decoration, artificial marble floor, candleholder, tea set, , tray, chessboard, vase. .
Major Advantages
(1) Elegant and stylish: Exceptionally smooth surface that outmatches the quality of natural stone material and at the same time provides the most flexible artistic style and design.
(2) One-piece molding: The surface stop-water and back wall is all in one piece, together with the arc-shaped edges to provide the highest quality design.
(3) Easy assembly: Standardized products eliminate any possibility of error. The end product is assembled easily and quickly therefore save labor cost.
(4) Advance chemical nature: Stable material is made to be grease and detergent resistive.
(5) Strong and durable: Solid structure and scratch-resistive, heat proof, moisture proof and fire proof.
(6) Clean and anti-bacteria: non-porous surface prevent dirt, stain, germs and bacteria from penetrating like many other natural stones. The non-porous surface also provides the best water-resistant surface.
(7) Easy to maintain: solid and non-porous structure makes the easiest material to maintain. Any dirty scar is also removable by simple grinding.