Sell Artistic Ceramic Brick, Clay Brick, Split Brick

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Artistic Ceramic Brick:

The Artistic Ceramic Brick mainly are made of the best local raw materials. Smelt mud push high temperature cook by machine by vacuum. They can be used in building, ground, square, factories and mines workshop, municipal administration, gardens, etc.

1. Soft color, return to clearly, fade never, natural beauty
2. Dense culture breath and sense of the times
3. Resists to be heavy to roll over intensity,
4. Wear-resisting, acidproof alkalies, defend and corrode
5. Resist the function of freezing etc

1) Shape: Dual-T, hanging
a) 240 x 60 x 11mm
b) 230 x 52 x 11mm
c) 200 x 52 x 11mm

2) Corners
a) (174 +50) x60 x 11 mm
b) (168+50) x 52 x 11 mm
c) (154+50) x 52 x 11 mm
d) (60 +60) x 240 x 11 mm
e) (52 +52) x 230 x 11 mm
f) (52 + 52) x 200 x 11 mm

In addition, the size and design can be made according to our client's demands.
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