Sell Artsign 26in. Vinyl Plotter (ES780N)

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1. Language
Having standard command language, super-speed, more compatible capacityand output directly with CORELDRAW.
2. Main board
Adopt the excellent parts, unique protected circuit, super stability, no any effect in 198~242V voltage.
3. High precision and high speed
In combination with the specialized blade and wisdom type Firmware perfectly, even if 3mm word also can embody the perfect cutting effects. Adopting the advanced digital subdivision motor, and the cutting speed can reach 800mm/s.
4. Imported sting steel roller
Higher prevision, longer life, and more precise moving are guaranteed by the double rollers.
5. Super long distance cutting
Advanced transmission mechanism and precise digit coordinates positioning can support the super long width cutting.
6. Wide applicability
Strong blade pressure of 500g, and support the adjustment of 2g each time, and make you feel free whether cutting any material.
7. English LCD control
Single-key operation, Liquid crystal display, and make you clear at a glance.
8. Double blade holder and double press strip
Adaptable in cutting on various material, and having the precise roller imported from Japan.

Model ES-780N ES-1150N ES-1380N
Max. dimension of paper 800mm/31.5in. 1150mm45.3in. 1380mm54.3in.
Max. dimension of carving 650mm2/5.6in. 1000mm/39.4in. 1250mm/49.2in.
Speed of carving 800mm/S 31.5in. /s
Press of graver 0-500g adjustable
Max. Output length 35m
Max. Cutting thickness 1mm/0.04in.
LCD English
Software resolution 0.025mm/0.001in. /s
Repetition precision Less than +/-0.1mm
Interface RS232 serial interface
Stand With machine
Language HP-GL/DMPL
Driving Digital DC motor(subdivision)
CPU Double 8 digits
Cutting knife Freely rotating knife
Plotting pen Water/oil plotting pen
Power supply 220V110%,50HZ/110V110%,60HZ
Consumed power 50W
Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity