Sell Artsign 47in. Cutting Plotter (AS1360)

Artsign 47in. Cutting Plotter (AS1360) You May Also Be Interested In: tep usb rs232
(1) Feeding paper plus and reverse.
(2) Stop by express. You can configure origin anywhere you want.
(3) The highest speed is 500mm/s.
(4) Double-photoelectric replacement and never making a crash.
(5) Output perfectly. There is no saw tooth when speed is high.
(6) Using dispersed circuit with the newest technique and having low noise.
(7) Using power supply that has switch push button and not being effected by pressure.
(8) The circuit uses the design of low power waste and can run effectively for long time.
(9) Use ARTCUT, MASTERCUT, CORELDRAW software and LCD in English version.
(10) USB port and serial port are optional.

Model AS-360 AS-720 AS-800 AS-960 AS-1120 AS-1360
Max. dimension of paper 360mm/14.2in. 720mm/28.4in. 800mm/31.5in. 960mm/37.8in. 1120mm/44.1in. 1360mm/53.5in.
Max. dimension of carving 330mm/13in. 630mm/24.8in. 700mm/27.6in. 800mm/31.5in. 1000mm/39.4in. 1200mm/47.2in. Speed of carving 25mm/s-500mm/s 0.98in. /s-19.7in. /s
Press of graver 25-400g 16 levels
English LCD y
Mechanical resolution 0.0254mm/step0.001in. /s tep
Interface USB/RS232 serial(optional)
Stand Optional
Buffer 1M
Power supply 220V,50HZ/110V,60HZ
Work condition 0~450C 5 %~95% Humidity
Consumed power 60W~120W
Net weight 9kg 9.85kg 10.9kg 12kg 13.2kg 15kg
Gross weight 10kg 12.9kg 14.2kg 16kg 25.9kg 28.1kg
Packing size 72*32*32cm/28.3*12.6*12.6in. 99*31*31cm/39*12.2*12.2in. 107*31*31cm/42.1*12.2*12.2in. 122*31*31cm/48*12.2*12.2i
141*33*34.5cm/55.5*13*13.6in. 171*34*35.5cm/67.3*13.4*14in.
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