Sell Artsign Optical Mark Reader (OMR2160)

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OMR can be widely used in education examinations, signing up, subject choice, data statistics and evaluation in fields such as vote, transportation, human resources, fiscal taxation and finance and so on.
We now have OMR2140, OMR2150, Reader Professor, OMR2160 and OMR2180 etc 5 series including 10 types

1. Sheet Feeding: inclined and automatic
2. Speed: >= 3 pages per second
3. Form Size: wide range from 130mm of length and 50mm of width to 300mm of length and 210mm of width
4. Sheet Thickness: wide range from 70g/m2 to 150g /m2
5. Track Interval: 5.08mm (UK Standard) or 5mm(CN Standard)
6. Allowed error of the load card: chromatography: 10.1mm, cut: 10.2mm
7. Filling tools: a. Pencil-Reading Types- 2B, HB or B series pencil
b. Full-reading Types-all tools such as pencils, pens, ball pens, ink pens, brush pens etc. of non-red and non-white colors(The back color of the sheet must be red or pink)
8. Mark size: >= 2mmW1mm more or 3mmW0.5mm ( 3mmW 1mm as standard)
9. Accuracy: <= less than 1 error in 10 million marks (<=1W10-7) , 3mmW1mm printing mark
10. Doubles Error Rate: <=1W10-4
11. Sheet Blocking Rate: <=1W10-4
12. Information Type Supported: single choice, multiple choices, BCD code(Binary-Coded Decimal code)
13. Format Sets: 26 sets, at most 255 character per set
14. Minimum requirements: above Pentium 200 PCs, Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or further Windows Systems
15. Communication Interface: RS 232 Serial Port and USB Port (photoelectric isolated circuit)
16. Power: 220V110%, 50 Hz/ 110V110%, 60 Hz
17. Power Consumption: < 40W
18. Outer dimension: 520mmW220mmW360mm/20.5W8.7W14.2in.
19. Weight: 8.5Kg
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