Sell Artsign Stencil Duplicater (SD3826)

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3826 Automatic Mimeograph is the newest type machinery. Max dimension of paper is A3. This mimeograph features good looking in style, high efficient, without pollution and clear in paper print. So, it's the ideal equipment for working and teaching of administrative organs, schools and enterprise etc
Adopting eye feeling outlook design. It is a high-new technology product. The machine uses typing mimeograph, computer print mimeograph, handwriting mimeograph, photoelectric transcribe stencil and thermal stencil print for printing work
Operate simple, adopting four digits display, print stops automatically by subtraction counter
It is equipped with mechanism of automatic paper conveyer and positioning. The pressure of paper feed can be adjusted. The large paper conveyer range of paper feed
Each plate prints over 1500 pages
Having adjust mechanism for print range within 30mm. It also left and right guide device of paper satisfying different demand by adjusting left and right position of paper
Equipped with extra ink clamp for easy of ink home-made
Having four different distribution position of ink supply in diversified demand

1 Max dimension of paper 297*420(mm) 11.7*16.5in.
2 Min dimension of paper 90*100(mm) 3.5*3.9in.
3 Max print area 266*380(mm) 10.5*15in.
4 Paper conveyer pressure 2 positions (strong, weak)
5 Print paper range 45g/m² -180g/m²
6 Print speed 40-120pages/minute
7 Power consumption 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ, 60W
8 Overall dimensions (open)960*620*450(mm) (37.8*24.4*17.7) in.
(close)430*620*450(mm) (16.9*24.4*17.7) in.
9 Weight 37kg
10 Print adjust range 30mm down and up
11 Paper in conveyer board About 700 pages (45g/m² )
12 Ink supply Manual and Automatic
13 Counter Four digits subtraction
14 Driving force Manual and Electric
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