Sell Asbestos & Non-Asbestos Gasket

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We offers non-Asbestos Gaskets and Asbestos Gaskets includes:
AG 1701 Asbestos Gasket
AG 1702 Oil proof Asbestos Rubber Gasket
AG 1703 Non-asbestos Gasket
Asbestos gasket for low pressure, Manufactured from long fiber white chrysotile asbestos. It has been designed to meet most low temperature and low pressure requirement, suitable for sealing against steam, gas, gases, hydraulics, oil and non-aggressive media.
Oil-proof Asbestos Rubber Gasket is made of asbestos fibre, oil proof fibre, filler, staining agent, etc. They 're wildly used in the pipelines and facilities of petroleum, chemical industry.
Non-asbestos Gasket is a sealing material made by adding special adhesives and a little packing into it, then roll and sulfurated. It is a replacement of asbestos gasket. It is a better choice than asbestos gasket in high temperature and high pressure condition.

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