Sell Asbestos Fiber Jointing Sheet(red/black)

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Manufactured from asbestos fiber and rubber compounded and compressed into sheet forms . Suitable as a jointing medium on heat installations and low pressure water and steam pipeline . Working pressure :15kg/cm2, Temperature :2000
Also available: Middle pressure jointing sheet (pressure :40kg/cm2 temperature :3500)
High pressure jointing sheet (pressure :60kg/cm2 , temperature :4500)
Noasbestos jointing sheet are also available .
J303 Compressed Asbestos Fiber Jointing Sheet With Graphited
J307 Compressed Asbestos Fiber Sheet With Metallic Wire
pressure :60kg/cm2 , temperature :4500
J307-2 Compressed Asbestos Fiber Sheet With Metallic Wire & Graphited
J308 Oil Resistant Jointing Sheet
Spec :thickness :0.5mm-6.0mm
Dimention :1300W1500mm
Packing :in wooden case of 100kgs ,200kgs ,500kgs or 1000kgs net each .